How to prevent Bower Cancer

Bowel cancer kills about 90 Australians every week with around 8,500 new cases being diagnosed annually. The sooner you discover bowel cancer, the better your chances are of beating it. Colon hydrotherapy creates a greater awareness of colon health and is an excellent screening device for colo-rectal cancer. It provides early ..Continue Reading

Tips for optimal Colon Health

The colon is intimately related to every cell and tissue in the body and if not taken care of a range of health concerns can develop, ranging from skin problems to serious diseases such as cancer. The blood is filtered through the colon walls and the colon is responsible for ..Continue Reading

Nutritional Advice

The foods that we consume play more of a role in our health than perhaps anything else. It really is true that “you are what you eat”, and good nutrition results in a healthy body and a balanced mind. Nutrition is the science that establishes the relationship between a person’s ..Continue Reading

Liver Detox Diet

A liver detox should be done yearly to give our livers a good ‘spring clean’ and is best done in the warmer months when lots of fresh fruit and veggies are in season. Follow the guidelines below and remember to have lots of variety so you don’t get bored and to ..Continue Reading

How to Lose Weight & Keep it off…

In the past we were advised to eat low fat, high carbohydrate foods which has resulted in a population suffering from obesity, heart disease and diabetes. So what is the secret to successful long-lasting weight loss without feeling starved or deprived? We now recognise that we need to keep carbohydrate intake low ..Continue Reading

Weight Loss

Obesity is a quickly growing problem in the world today with over seven million people in Australia and New Zealand being overweight, and with over two million of those people considered obese. These are alarming statistics, considering the access we have to good quality fresh foods and the up-to-date information ..Continue Reading

Cleansing Programs

Every organ, tissue and gland in the body is reliant on a pure bloodstream to carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and to remove toxins, cellular wastes and metabolic by-products for our organs of elimination to excrete. Therefore, it makes good sense to cleanse our bodies of these toxins at ..Continue Reading

Gluten & Wheat Free Recipes

Try out these delicious recipes which are so quick and easy to make. You’ll be amazed at how good they taste and they’re full of essential nutrients!              Barley Stuffed Eggplant: 2 small eggplants 2 tblspns olive oil ½ cup of barley flakes (or rice if prefer) ..Continue Reading

Benefits of a gluten free diet

Gluten is found in many foods including rye, oats, wheat,  malt, barley, and spelt. While it has been found to cause mild allergic reactions in some people, it can lead to full-blown Coeliac disease in others. Many people have found it beneficial to eliminate gluten from their diets, ranging from those with ADHD ..Continue Reading

Raw Food Recipes

Raw Pastas, Wraps, Green Smoothies, and decadent Desserts…