Why COVID-19 spreads so quickly

  SarsCovid2 is a highly transmissible virus because of it’s protein structure that differentiates it from other viruses. It has shown to be almost a thousand times more transmissible than SARS or MERS because if it’s structure, even though it hasn’t killed as many people thankfully. COVID-19 has a spike ..Continue Reading

The role of Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide (NO) is an important cellular signaling molecule which has many roles in assisting optimal health and longevity in humans. Its most common role is in opening up blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation, the function of the heart and the vascular system. By increasing the flow of oxygen ..Continue Reading

The importance of Probiotics during Pregnancy, Infancy & Childhood

  An expectant mother’s gut microbiome is critically important to her pregnancy experience and to the future health of the newborn, making supplementation of beneficial bacteria an attractive treatment option for expectant mothers. Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), found in breast milk, changes in women who take probiotics. The presence of ..Continue Reading

The benefits of a Plant based diet in Pregnancy

  A plant based diet rich in fiber is a common recommendation for most people, however, it is even more important during pregnancy as it decreases the risk of preeclampsia (a common complication during pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure), as well as hyperglycaemia and excess weight gain. The study ..Continue Reading


  INGREDIENTS:                                                              ½ cup coconut sugar 400ml organic full fat coconut milk 400ml organic full fat coconut cream 3 egg ..Continue Reading

Chronic Constipation and Dysbiosis

  There are many factors that can cause constipation including a diet lacking in soluble fiber, dehydration, insufficient digestive enzymes, stress, a lazy bowel, lack of exercise, toxicity, and poor liver function, but one of the main reasons for chronic (long-term) constipation is dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is where there is an ..Continue Reading

Cancer Causes and Cures

  Why is cancer so prevalent these days? Everyone knows someone that has died from cancer, whereas even 30 years ago it was a lot less common. From the research and learning I have done these are the main causes of cancer: * Lifestyle changes/more sedentary jobs and recreational pursuits ..Continue Reading

Preconception & Pregnancy Nutritional Needs

  Maternal and neonatal health outcomes are significantly influenced by nutrient availability throughout preconception, pregnancy and lactation. Inadequate nutrition during preconception and pregnancy poses significant risks to the foetus, including impaired development, preterm birth and low birth weight. This relies on having a foundation of micronutrients, omega-3 essential fatty acids ..Continue Reading