Why is cancer so prevalent these days?healthy food
Everyone knows someone that has died from cancer,
whereas even 30 years ago it was a lot less common.

From the research and learning I have done these are the main causes of cancer:

* Lifestyle changes/more sedentary jobs and recreational pursuits
* Dietary changes-less fresh whole foods, more refined processed foods
* More additives, preservatives, pesticides, and fungicides in our food
* Nutrient deficiencies-iodine, zinc, antioxodants
* More environmental pollutants and toxins in our environment
* More stress/demands and faster pace of life
* Suppressed emotions (especially anger, resentment, grief)
* Mitochondrial dysfunction
* More radiation in our environment-electronic devices, mobile phone towers, phone lines


Here are a few tried and tested natural remedies that have been used to successfully treat cancer patients whilst optimising their quality of life.
These can be safely used in adjunct to the conventional treatments of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery or as replacement treatments.

* Antioxidants-intravenous Vit C, high dose Vit E, lipoic acid, NAC, green tea, Vit D
* Ozone therapy/hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy
* Hydrogen therapy
* Propolis/Bee pollen
* CBD oil/cannabinoids
* Raw juices and other detoxification practices such as coffee enemas that support our livers and help alkalise our bodies
* Eat ‘live’ organically grown foods as close to their natural state as possible
* Eat a ketogenic diet rich in lean protein and vegetables, and eliminate grains and sugars
* Drink good quality filtered water
* Eliminate sugar from your diet as much as possible as it is the primary fuel source for cancer cells
* Herbal remedies such as Panax Ginseng, Andrographis, Scullcap, Turmeric, Mistletoe, Wormwood, and medicinal mushrooms such as Cordyceps, Shitake and Reishi
* Support your immune system as much as possible-good diet, quality sleep, probiotics, bone broths
* Improve circulation with exercise and movement-yoga, tai chi, qi gong
* Avoid electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as much as possible
* Reduce stress-meditation, relaxation practices, time in nature
* Positive thinking-your belief systems shape your reality so stay hopeful and laugh, love, forgive and have gratitude!

Remember, cancer is not a death sentence. We can live with cancer and improve our quality and length of life with these simple therapies and practices.