What are Superfoods?

Superfoods are those foods found in nature that are exceptionally high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. They have amazing protective and anti-ageing benefits. Here are some of our favourites that we use on our retreats. GOJI BERRIES: Goji berries grow on an evergreen shrub found in ..Continue Reading

Recommended Reading

Here’s a list of some of our favourite books on health and wellbeing we hope you’ll enjoy. The Tao of Detox -Daniel Reid Water -Norman Walker Juicing -Norman Walker The Art of Raw Food Living -Doreen Virtue & Jenny Ross The World goes Raw Cookbook -Lisa Mann The Rawjuvenate for Life Principles -Katja Raw Food Made ..Continue Reading

Fasting & fasting supplements

Fasting, or abstaining from food, is by far the quickest and most effective way to detoxify the body and allow it to ‘throw off’ the toxic residues that accumulate in the tissues and bloodstream. It allows nature to take its course by awakening the body’s powerful cleansing and healing abilities, ..Continue Reading

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting promotes rapid detoxification. As the body breaks down its fat reserves it mobilises stored toxins from the fatty tissues and eliminates them through the liver, bowel, kidneys, lungs, and skin. It initiates rapid weight loss with little or no hunger. Most people are surprised at how little desire for food they have while fasting. It ..Continue Reading

Natural Fertility Tips

Fertility is a factor for many people and the good news is that you don’t have to rely on standard medicine treatments if you should have trouble falling pregnant. There are plenty of natural fertility treatment options available that are non invasive and highly effective which are outlined below. Homeopathy & Fertility: Homoeopathy ..Continue Reading

Mineral Broth

Drinking mineral-rich vegetable broth is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to improve your health. It is one of the best methods of bringing the pH (a measurement of how acid or alkaline a body is) into balance. Mineral broth contains many different organic minerals especially sodium, potassium and calcium. ..Continue Reading

How to prevent Bower Cancer

Bowel cancer kills about 90 Australians every week with around 8,500 new cases being diagnosed annually. The sooner you discover bowel cancer, the better your chances are of beating it. Colon hydrotherapy creates a greater awareness of colon health and is an excellent screening device for colo-rectal cancer. It provides early ..Continue Reading

Tips for optimal Colon Health

The colon is intimately related to every cell and tissue in the body and if not taken care of a range of health concerns can develop, ranging from skin problems to serious diseases such as cancer. The blood is filtered through the colon walls and the colon is responsible for ..Continue Reading

Nutritional Advice

The foods that we consume play more of a role in our health than perhaps anything else. It really is true that “you are what you eat”, and good nutrition results in a healthy body and a balanced mind. Nutrition is the science that establishes the relationship between a person’s ..Continue Reading

Liver Detox Diet

A liver detox should be done yearly to give our livers a good ‘spring clean’ and is best done in the warmer months when lots of fresh fruit and veggies are in season. Follow the guidelines below and remember to have lots of variety so you don’t get bored and to ..Continue Reading